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Weezer - All My Friends Are Insects
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Weezer - All My Friends Are Insects

It’s unpacking some of what it means to be a ‘real girl’ and a ‘real boy.’ We get handed down these ideas of gender and sexuality: You’re supposed to be this or that. What happens if you float around the cracks and don’t fit into these narrowly prescribed things? … I believe in gender fluidity and sexual fluidity. … I don’t really identify as anything. I think you can fall in love with anybody. I don’t have anything to hide, but I’d rather the emphasis be on music.
Annie Clark (St. Vincent) to Rolling Stone on Prince Johnny, gender, and sexuality. (via fuckyeahstvincent)



Breathe, 2014 | Elizabeth Gadd

My greatest goal in life is to be the person in all of these pictures, and to make a career doing it.


Mark Z. Danielewski
Evanescence - The Change
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Evanescence // The Change



StarWars medieval manuscript illustrations by Chawakarn Khongprasert